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Application Performance Management
Applications Performance & Scalability Service
Applications Network Readiness Methodology
Applications Network Readiness Service

Network Performance Management
IT Sentinel & SP Sentinel Professional Services
Administration Service for VNE Server, IT Sentinel, SP Sentinel, and OPNET nCompassT implementations
Application Performance Management
Network Management
Network R&D
APM Solution Suite: APM Xpert Suite
End User Experience Monitoring: AppResponse Xpert
Multi-Tier Transaction Analysis: AppTransaction Xpert
Deep Server/Component Monitoring: AppInternals Xpert
Virtualization Planning: AppCapacity Xpert
Database Performance Monitoring : AppSQL Xpert
Application Mapping: AppMapper Xpert
Network Planning: IT Guru® Network Planner
IP/MPLS Network Planning: SP Guru® Network Planner
Optical Network Design: SP Guru® Transport Planner
Network Auditing: IT Sentinel ®
IP/MPLS Network Auditing: SP Sentinel ®
Network Troubleshooting: OPNET nCompass™ for Enterprises
Network Operations: OPNET nCompass™ for Service Providers
Network Diagramming: NetMapper™
Network Simulation: OPNET Modeler®
Wireless Network Simulation: OPNET Modeler® Wireless Suite
Defense Network Simulation: OPNET Modeler® Wireless Suite for Defense
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